Square Panda Classroom Edition, complete with the award-winning playset, is the research-based, multisensory phonics learning system that incorporates components of cognitive neuroscience with educational technology.

The Square Panda Learning System engages students in visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile (VAKT) learning through physical Smart Letters that interact with a library of learning games.

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Square Panda Lagoon Game's Exploratory Play Builds Letter-Sound Recognition And Reinforces Phonics Awareness.
Square Panda Lagoon Game's Exploratory Play Builds Letter-Sound Recognition And Reinforces Phonics Awareness. Square Panda Bowling An Ideal Literacy Game For Kids. Square Panda Letter Lab Fun Early Literacy Game. Square Panda Bubbles Multisensory Learning Game. Learn To Spell Letters And Words In Square Panda Jiggigy Jamble Game's Song. Monster Rhymes Improve Kids Early Reading Skills. Practice Letter Recognition And Sounds Using Square Panda Farming Game For Kids. Early Learners Acquire Square Panda Fishing Game. Square Panda Letter Lullaby Learning Game. Discover Rhyming Words Letter Recognition And Sounds  Square Panda SpaceCow Game.

The Square Panda App

In the Square Panda app, every child’s journey through the island adventure is different with a personalized learning path curated for each student. The Square Panda app is a unique world of educational play designed to keep every student engaged through scaffolded mini-games and 8 learning areas to explore.

Square Panda Classic Games

In addition to SquareLand, Square Panda offers 10 classic learning games which support foundational reading skills and both exploratory and guided learning.

Square Panda games provide reading readiness skills:
  • Letter identification
  • Decoding
  • Word families
  • Vocabulary
  • Print concepts
  • Letter sounds
  • Word construction
  • Onsets and rimes
  • Rhyming
  • Spelling


SquareTales is a unique system of digital and print books that engages students through endearing Square Panda characters, lively art, and compelling storylines.

The SquareTales curriculum follows Square Panda’s sequenced phonics curriculum that introduces letters in small groups according to their effectiveness for teaching reading and spelling. Students can practice applying the phonics skills they are learning in SquareLand to reading carefully matched text with SquareTales. SquareTales provides scaffolded instruction for beginning readers as they progress from reading with support to reading independently.

SquareTales features

  • Provides simple, highly controlled text to support beginning readers.
  • Builds knowledge of word families and common spelling patterns.
  • Introduces CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words and sight words.
  • Supports ELA state standards in foundational reading skills.
  • Supports reading fluency through guided practice and repeated readings of text.
SquareTales, A Popular Digital Book For Kids.

Digital books and print books

The SquareTales digital books provide interactive reading support to students at various reading levels. Students can receive support with blending words on request, repeated opportunities to read and hear text read aloud, and sight words. After receiving support through the digital books, students may move on to practice reading with the companion print books to experience the excitement of reading a book independently.

SquareLand mini game

Instructional activities and materials

Students will be able to extend their learning through instructional activities in the digital and print books. The digital books feature interactive activities such as sight word recognition tasks, story sequencing, and vocabulary matching, and the print books include fun hands-on activities such as tracing, writing, and coloring. SquareTales also includes supplemental materials to extend learning opportunities, including flash cards, character trading cards, and bookmarks.

The SquareTales digital and print books can be used as a standalone resource in the classroom without the Square Panda playset.

SquareTales Learning Activity For Childrens.
Use Square Panda Playset And Early Learning Games.

Square Panda Playset and Learning Games

Square Panda turns every classroom tablet into a supplementary phonics instructional tool. Square Panda’s suite of learning games, paired with the Playset and Smart Letters, works along with SquareTales to provide students with meaningful opportunities to develop the essential skills they need to read connected text. An easy-to-navigate Teacher Portal helps teachers to monitor student activity and progress.

Square Panda Classroom Edition includes:
  • Square Panda Playset and Smart Letters
  • Subscription-based access to a suite of learning games and a cloud-based Teacher Portal

Teacher Portal

With Square Panda’s cloud-based Teacher Portal, teachers can manage student profiles, monitor progress, and identify instructional opportunities. For a more personalized experience, teachers can add custom words and pictures to be included in SquareLand through the Teacher Portal, reinforcing vocabulary or sight word instruction.

Access Square Panda Teachers Portal To Monitor Students Progress.